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Edward Gaudoin 2017

Ed Gaudoin

Ed Gaudoin- Clinical Nurse Consultant, Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service (MPaCCS)


I have a 15yr history working in Consultative Nursing Palliative Care positions across the acute, hospice, community and residential aged care sectors.

 I describe myself as a “bedside nurse” and I work to optimise compassionate and competent palliative care especially within the aged care realm. I bring an energy and passion in the care of the dying and driven to support and collaborate with families and staff in providing excellent end of life care.

Currently working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service (MPaCCS) in Perth, the role has developed my skills in project development and education.

Education and mentoring give me the greatest satisfaction, seeing confidence and capability grow within a service is very rewarding. Working at grassroots level, through bedside learning, and in development at head office level, I have seen services provide a higher standard of care and outcomes for all that are involved.

I have an Indian background and I have always wanted to invest my skills back where my roots lie. Meeting Dr Rajagopal 10 years ago at an Asia Pacific Hospice Network conference in Perth has given me the chance to fulfill my dream. I have visited Dr Rajagopal ‘s team at TIPS in Trivandrum, Kerala, for 10 days providing supportive education to medical and nursing teams and getting a good taste of the social, cultural, and financial challenges that are met by the team. I am keen to continue my support.

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