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Like many across the world, Australasian Palliative Link International (APLI) is watching with horror and immense sadness the devastation the COVID-19 crisis is wreaking on India. It is a human catastrophe. We stand in solidarity with our Indian colleagues and friends.

APLI is launching a fundraising campaign to support the work of our partner organisation, Pallium India. Pallium India works to ensure people across India with serious or terminal illness, older people, and people with disabilities can get the vital care and support they need. Your donation will help Pallium India reach more people in the community with basic food, essential medicines, critical oxygen supplies, and other ongoing palliative care support.

Please give what you can to help those across India with health and palliative care needs. DONATE HERE

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Funds raised will be used to assist affected people and families in need through the work of our partner Pallium India.

Australasian Palliative Link International (APLI) was founded at the Hospice Care in Asia conference, Singapore, in 1996.

APLI is a charity whose purpose is the relief of suffering by mentoring and supporting medical professionals and others involved in the relief of pain and the provision of palliative care in low and middle income countries.”

Its objectives are:

  • to develop and foster links between palliative care providers and organisations in Australia and New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region
  • to raise awareness of the needs of new palliative care services and the need for further development of the discipline in the region.
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between providers of palliative care in the region.
  • APLI does not operate for profit, personal gain or other benefit of particular people.

See Forum and Workshops for forthcoming events
**Report of WPPCAN Workshop 3, 19 May 2021**

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