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Dr David MacKintosh, 2015

I work as a staff specialist in palliative medicine in New South Wales on the Central Coast. Having previous experience in paediatrics, clinical pharmacology and general practice I have now worked full time in palliative care for nearly 17 years and have covered all areas of care, community, inpatient – hospital and hospice – and inpatient consultative services. Explaining why I want to become involved in developing palliative care in a resource poor country is difficult without sounding either condescending or evangelical; it is simply something I want to do. I have an emotional attachment to India through my father who travelled in India in the 1940’s. As a young man from the north of Scotland he was deeply affected by his experiences there and often spoke warmly of India and the people he had met. I am also at a time in my life (close to retirement age) when it feels right to contribute something to a part of the world lacking some of the comforts I enjoy.

David MacIntosh

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