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Western Pacific (WP) Advocacy Network meeting 09/12/2020


This meeting was held by videoconference with around 40 participants from the WP WHO region, including PNG, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. The workshop was a collaboration between a number of national and international groups, and supported by the IAHPC.

The aims were to meet each other and explore the establishment of a palliative care advocacy network for the WP region, and to start to prepare an advocacy agenda for 2021. Thirdly, we aimed to stimulate interest in advocacy and motivate participants to actively engage in advocacy within their own spheres of influence and control.

Feedback from participants supported the formation of a network dedicated to advocacy in our region. They wanted a network to facilitate awareness of palliative care through education and training and through sharing of knowledge, assistance with improving government support and funding, to help raise competencies in aspects of effective advocacy, and to build a supportive network across countries which will directly impact on patient care.

The network was therefore effectively launched at this meeting. We plan to hold our second meeting on 17/02/2021 and will send out a program and invitation in early January.



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