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Wendy Scott




I have enjoyed nursing for 20 years, working in a variety of areas including Northern and Central Australia and 4 years in the UK. I have been working in the specialty of Palliative Care since 1997 and have had 7 years recent experience in senior nurse roles in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas and in all 3 forms of palliative care service delivery: consultancy, inpatient and community services, and the last 2 years as a Clinical Nurse Consultant.

I was the first Regional Coordinator of the Kimberly Palliative Care Service (KPCS) when it was reestablished under state administration in 2003 and was instrumental in the development of a strategic vision and an effective, culturally appropriate, model of care delivery, demonstrating improved accessibility to service and enhanced capacity in the 3.5 years I was in the position. While with the KPCS, I was project officer for several projects including a 2.5 year Commonwealth Caring Community Project ‘Accessing Palliative Care in the Kimberley’s Remote communities.

I have travelled extensively and independently world wide, including North and South America, but my favourite travel has been 4 months in Africa. I have always been interested in marginalized populations, and have enjoyed the privilege and to work with Australia’s Indigenous people. When attending a 2 week Palliative Care Course sponsored by Kings College in the UK a few years ago, I met many palliative care services providers from developing countries and it highlighted to me huge gaps in knowledge, access and resources. Most recently a practitioner from India spent some time learning from us, at my last work place. Their passion for their work was inspiring. My travel and work experiences has highlighted to me the great opportunities I personally have, and have planned to volunteer overseas in some capacity in the future to see if I can assist in some way.

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