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Lakshadweep hospice inaugurated

Announcing the inauguration of the first hospice in Lakshadweep, India
memo from Dr Ali Azher Iphone 2013 590
Dear All
A great time with immense pleasure…
The palliative care services has completed one year in Lakshadweep.
Three day program has been arranged for volunteers all over the island
And One Great Thing We have achieved in One year is……
We are inaugurating a HOSPICE and its OFFICE in our own place…
Often we were like pregnant women….always wanted to see her baby’s shining face…at last she got a painful…hard…time to see the face of her baby.
As soon as she sees the baby all her miseries were gone….
Yes we were like her….a mother….
We forget the burden of bricks
We lost the pain on our backs
We fade our memories with charming beauty of our baby, this HOSPICE
Iphone 2013 759
We believe that the most powerful weapon is LOVE
We feel that the most needed thing in this world is SERVICE

We step into that heaven of LOVE & SERVICE
We pray,

“This HOSPICE Shall be the Home of LOVE, LIGHT & WISDOM.”

Thank you all
Prof.Dr.M.R.Rajagopal, Chairman, Pallium India Trust
(for everlasting aid and guidance)
All Staff of Pallium India Trust 
(especially Dr.Abu Laize CB)
Dr.Odette Spruyt, Chair of APLIDr.Sophia, Ms.Sara(for Project Hamrahi)Iphone 2013 988
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