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Congratulations, Dr Ravi Kannan, Padma Shri, Medicine


Dr Ravi Kannan is a surgical oncologist from Chennai who moved to Assam in 2007 to develop the Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Silchar, in the Barack valley of Assam. On Indian Republic Day 2020, he was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri, which is the fourth highest award in the Republic of India.

APLI has linked to his centre through Project Hamrahi, since 2012, with a multidisciplinary team visiting the centre 6 times to date, mentoring and contributing to the education and development of the palliative care service of the Cancer Hospital.

Dr Kannan has always welcomed the Hamrahi team with open arms and appreciated the long term relationship which has developed.

We salute you and your hospital team of over 300 dedicated staff, and honour the work you do for patients from all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups who come to you for assistance. You are an inspiration to us all.

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