Tiffins for sale

Tiffins are used by millions of Indians as the carrier of their lunches. Mumbai in particular is famous for the faultless delivery of thousands of lunches to office blocks across the metropolis, stacks of pungent smelling, hot and delicious meals arriving on time every day.
These carriers make an interesting addition to picnics and other shared meals. Instead of bringing a plate, bring a tiffin and enjoy an Indian experience with friends and family.
Makes a great gift and all funds raised in the sale of these tiffins goes toward Project Hamrahi, bringing India and Australia a little closer.

Enquire at APLI to alanhebb@bigpond.com

$35 the family stack 2

$25 4 Tier Pyramid Tiffin


Your donations to APLI help in the following ways:

assist with training of doctors and nurses in palliative care practice in developing nations

support nurses to travel and teach as part of Project Hamrahi

help with purchase of critical site resources such as essential equipment and supplies,  medicines and educational materials