Kosish Hospice

This pioneer rural palliative care service in the tribal state of Jharkhand & West Bengal in India is providing much needed palliative care services to the elderly and terminally ill of those states. The hospice, KOSISH, which is a registered NGO, is the first palliative care NGO in Jharkhand to care for such patients. Please visit the website www.kosishthehospice.webs.com to find out more about their wonderful work.


This service is need of funding partners to sustain their work. Perhaps linking with a community service in Australia might be a way to help here. If you are interested, please contact APLI or Kosish directly to explore how you might set up a link here.


Your donations to APLI help in the following ways:

assist with training of doctors and nurses in palliative care practice in developing nations

support nurses to travel and teach as part of Project Hamrahi

help with purchase of critical site resources such as essential equipment and supplies,  medicines and educational materials