First visit to Fiji – November, 2015

Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands

The team at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital welcomed me to visit them in November to meet and talk together about their efforts to develop palliative care in Fiji. Dr Fong, obstretician gynaecologist and Chairperson of the National Oncology Clinical Service Network, is highly motivated to develop palliative care as part of his focus on ensuring primary care and health-promoting cancer care networks are in place across Fiji. The Ministry of Health is developing a new Fijian Cancer Action Plan and have palliative care within its sights as an integral part of this, but are looking for international support to determine best practice suited to the Fijian setting. Clearly, training needs are high on the agenda.

It was great to meet the team of hospital and community based nurses who are passionate about improving palliative care services.

We plan to continue our discussions in 2016 and collaborate on education initiatives, hopefully with the support of other international agencies already working with the Fijian MOH, universities and hospitals there.

- Odette Spruyt


Dr Fong, team members from CWH and community nurses, Suva, Fiji

Hippocratic film applauded across Australia

Hippocratic Film Header

With only one city remaining in the Australian launch of the biographical documentary, Hippocratic, it is clear that the film has had great impact here.

One important feature has been the opportunity for Q&A after the movie, where audience members have a chance to delve deeper into the issues raised in the film, such as trying to understand the distressing ongoing shortage of morphine, an essential medication in pain management, a shortage that affects over 80% of the world’s population.

This issue alone should galvanise us to action, to demand change and accountability. However, long time advocates in this field know only too well how difficult it is to bring about change and improvements here.

Films such as Hippocratic are too few and APLI thanks Moonshine Movies for their commitment to contributing to change in a creative and positive way.


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