Membership of APLI is open to health professionals working in or with an interest in palliative care. Membership is also open to those who wish to support the development of palliative care in the Asia Pacific through fund raising, awareness raising and voluntary activities to support the work of APLI. Through joining APLI, you receive  e-news updates, three newsletters annually, and are linked to the development of palliative care in the Asia Pacific region and internationally. You become more aware of the needs of people in resource-poor areas and are provided with an opportunity to become actively involved in making a difference where it really matters.

APLI is an incorporated association, operating under the standard rules of incorporated associations in Australia. The executive meets by teleconference every two months. The annual general meeting is held in November each year, again by teleconference or in conjunction with a national palliative care conference to facilitate attendance by members. All executive members and volunteers donate their time and expertise. Our newsletter editor also donates her time and expertise free of charge.


The Executive for 2017 is:

  • Anil Tandon (Chair)
  • Davinia Seah (Secretary)
  • Chris Waples (Treasurer)
  • Odette Spruyt
  • Brett Sutton (Chair, Palliative Care in Humanitarian Emergencies group)
  • Meera Agar
  • Christine Drummond
  • Joan Ryan
  • Jane Phillips

APLI is a small, local, no-frills organisation operating on a shoe-string budget. The majority of our funds have come from membership fees, grant funding and a pharmaceutical donation toward newsletter publication.

A grant from the Australia India Institute enabled the establishment of Project Hamrahi travelling scholarships to support the travel costs of mentors to India. Since 2010, numerous mentor visits have been funded through this grant.

Donations are now required to maintain Project Hamrahi in the future. APLI provides only the flight costs. Mentors stay on site at the hospital or pay for their hotel costs if they choose to stay in hotels. We estimate that each year up to 10 mentor visits will occur. Each mentor visit is costed at $1500, to cover flight costs, to provide for ongoing training costs and build a secure funding foundation for Project Hamrahi.

Do you wish to become a member or donate? Please complete the membership or donation form and submit.

Australasian Palliative Link International
ABN 63249012560


President:    Anil Tandon  chairman@apli.net.au
Secretary:    Davinia Seah     secretary@apli.net.au
Treasurer:    Chris Waples  treasurer@apli.net.au
Information: Davinia Seah  info@apli.net.au



Ordinary Membership for 1 year from 1st January 2016:   $50.00
Premium Membership for 1 year from 1st January 2016: $150.00
($100 will be deposited in the Project Hamrahi fund)



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Hippocratic film applauded across Australia

Hippocratic Film Header

With only one city remaining in the Australian launch of the biographical documentary, Hippocratic, it is clear that the film has had great impact here.

One important feature has been the opportunity for Q&A after the movie, where audience members have a chance to delve deeper into the issues raised in the film, such as trying to understand the distressing ongoing shortage of morphine, an essential medication in pain management, a shortage that affects over 80% of the world’s population.

This issue alone should galvanise us to action, to demand change and accountability. However, long time advocates in this field know only too well how difficult it is to bring about change and improvements here.

Films such as Hippocratic are too few and APLI thanks Moonshine Movies for their commitment to contributing to change in a creative and positive way.


Donate to APLI online : BSB 063 806; Acct 10160981

Your donations to APLI help in the following ways:

assist with training of doctors and nurses in palliative care practice in developing nations

support nurses to travel and teach as part of Project Hamrahi

help with purchase of critical site resources such as essential equipment and supplies,  medicines and educational materials